Sa-Bai-Gai is a Traditional Thai Medical Massage business located in the heart of Oundle, East Northamptonshire behind The Rounded House Shop in a secluded and peaceful courtyard away from the hustle and bustle of town centre traffic. It is run by myself Phen (short for Supakphen) and my husband Mick. The aim of our business is to offer help to those who have specific health problems that require treatment or to provide relaxation from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Massages are normally conducted by Phen and Big but at busy times we may call upon another female Thai masseur to support the workload.


Enjoy Traditional Full Body Massage, Foot Massage and Reflexology, Head and Shoulder Massage, Antenatal and Postnatal Massage and Herbal Massage.


Phen is the principal masseur and is ably supported by Sasiwan (known as Big) whilst Mick takes care of day to day running of the business. Phen Big and Mick have trained at the world renowned Wat Pho Medical School and Phen also at the Thai Governments Traditional Medical Services Society in Bangkok. Phen's training extends to more than 500 hours of theory and practical learning and is qualified in Ancient Thai massage, Standard Thai massage, Aromatherapy, Foot and Leg Massage with Reflexology and Baby massage. Mick and Sasiwan have completed their training in Standard Thai massage, also at the Wat Po Medical School. We have been in business in Oundle since 2009.


This an ancient form of muscle massage practiced in Thailand for many hundreds of years. Thai massage origins are linked to Yoga Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, as well as the indigenous healing practices of ancient Siam. It is used in the major Thai hospitals and many district hospitals as part of normal practise for treatment of a variety of conditions and ailments. It is used alongside and complimentary to western Physiotherapy. We offer treatment for stress or tension, sleeplessness, headaches, migraine, shoulder pain, backache, foot and leg problems, PMS/PMT, Antenatal and Postnatal massage, computer or driving releted aches and pains and sports related injuries.


This massage is by it's nature deep tissue and there can very occasionally be some post-treatment muscular pain or reddening of the skin. This is a perfectly normal reaction because the massage has disturbed muscle tissue and some small and minor blood vessels in order to give an effective treatment for the root cause of problems. Any local pain that may arise can usually be treated with Paracetamol. We appreciate any feedback on our treatments as our clients health is very important to us.

At no time do we treat skeletal problems - this is the province of Osteopaths and Chiropractors. We regret we are also unable to treat any patient with cancer, either current or in their medical history. It is very important that any issues in these or other areas are declared to us on the Medical Questionaire you complete at your consultation visit. We assure you of complete confidentiality in these matters.


Translation of Sa-Bai-Gai - Sabai (sa-bye) v. to be relaxed, happy or content | Gai (Guy) n. body. Together this phrase means "relaxation of the body and mind" which is at the heart of what I aim to do for you.


There are some men who do not understand the aims and purpose of true Traditional Thai Medical Massage, it is regrettable that we have to make this statement. This is a respectable Thai massage business so please respect us and do not ask for any other "services". Any one asking for such services will be reported to the Police along with any contact details.