We offer a 1 hour General Body Massage followed by a 30 minute Thai Style Hot Stone Treatment. We use small stones in a Poultice bag to spread the heat over a larger area and by moving the bag over the area to be treated. This avoids overheating of the skin and limits the potential of skin tissue damage.

Thai General Body Massage - 1 Hour - £55

Similar to the full body massage, but concentrates on the main stress raisers along the back of the legs, back, shoulders and arms, culminating in a relaxing head and shoulder massage. This massage is especially good for driving, computer or sedentary lifestyle related problems.

Thai General Body Massage - 1.1/2 Hours - £75

We offer a 1.1/2 hour massage to enable our masseurs to concentrate on specific problems. We can help with stress or strains caused by medical or sports injury by extensive use of deep massage. In addition we can provide treatment for more severe issues such as Frozen Shoulder, Stiff Neck, RSI, Back, Leg and Thigh strains and stiffness.

Traditional Thai Full Body Massage - 2 Hours - £95

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing art which helps to relax the body and mind. I use thumbs, hands, elbows and where necessary feet in combination with stretching and pressure application. The massage releases muscle tension, knots and aches, improves blood flow, body energy and flexibility. I provide a complete traditional Thai massage which includes all aspects of the body starting at the feet, through the lower limbs, back, shoulders, arms, and hands culminating in a relaxing neck, head and facial massage. Depending on what you require - a relaxing massage or deep tissue treatment for a specific condition - I will adapt the massage, using techniques from the Wat Pho Massage School and the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society.

This massage is very relaxing and we recommend you do not undertake a long journey immediately after this massage unless someone is doing the driving for you.

Head, Shoulder, Arms and Upper Back Massage
1/2 Hour - £30

A massage of the upper back, arms and hands extending into the shoulders, neck and scalp. This massaage provides relief for those with a busy lifestyle when there just is not time for a full massage. In this short massage I use acupressure techniques on the face, scalp, neck and shoulders, and is a calming yet energizing massage that will reduce stress and mental fatigue while increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow to the scalp. It alleviates sinus problems, eyestrain, neck ache, headaches and migraine.