We can supply Gift Vouchers and Herbal Packs by email or by appointment at the shop. If you have an injury that needs treatment or advice you can call or email Sasiwan (Big) for advice on what you can do yourself. If you prefer to get advice in person please call the mobile for an appointment. Advice will be charged in 15 minute segments at £15 per segment payable by bank transfer. Whilst the government say we can reopen for massage our risk assessment tells us otherwise. The level of infection in East Northamptonshire and other local areas is too high for a Close Contact business such as ours. We will be unable to offer massage until we see the effect of local Tier 2 restrictions and Christmas/New Year shopping and celebrations. We will once again keep our masseur Sasiwan on furlough and she will be ready to carry on once we believe it is safe to re-open.


We have a limited stock of Herbal Packs. Information on these is available on the HERBAL PACKS page. Please email to place an order. Payment will be by Bank Transfer only, do not forget to include postage costs. Delivery will be by Post Office Parcels. Please supply your name and delivery address.


For those of you who have purchased Gift Vouchers in the past, please be assured they are still valid and can be used once we re-open. We are still selling Gift Vouchers as they are very popular as Christmas presents. Please email to place an order. Payment will be by Bank Transfer only. Vouchers will be personalised and sent by email as a .pdf file (please let us know if you would like to add a short personal message).


The Thai government reacted very swiftly in combating COVID-19. As soon as total infections reached 100 in February preventative measures were introduced immediately based on Face, Hands, Space. In March local travel restrictions were introduced. Early April all international travel was banned and the borders closed. This situation still exists today except for specific cases, primarily repatriation of Thai Nationals and spouses. The net effect has been (dated 10th November):- Total Cases 3,840 - Recovered/Discharged 3,661 - In Treatment 119 - Total Deaths 60


The Thai government is currently exploring ways to re-open the country to Tourism. Since 2014 the government has invested heavily in the infrastructure of the country. A massive investment in the roads network has taken place with many big highways constructed to improve access. No longer is it necessary to use a pick up truck unless you need to get to some of the more remote Hidden Thailand sites. The Rail network is undergoing a major transformation, much needed as there has been little investment for seemingly decades. A major initiative is on-going to provide a high speed rail service to link industrial areas and significant areas of tourism, this is probably half way to completion. Within the Metropolitan area of Bangkok the Skytrain overhead rail system has also expanded immensely, connecting cheaply not just tourist areas but many suburban areas too. Certainly tourism will be very different in the future as the government has embarked on a program of upgrading many of the more popular venues in order to make them appeal to a different type of tourist. Backpacking may become a thing of the past. We are happy to answer email enquiries about places to visit as people prepare for vacations in 2021/2. Phen has taken me to some of the popular places but also many places not on the main tourist track. I have posted photos on the GALLERY page.